Free Online Workshops

Please find below details of our upcoming free online parent and carer Mental Health workshops. Each workshop provides you with the skills and knowledge required to support not only support your child’s mental health but also your own, which is particularly important when looking after others. This is your chance to connect with other parents across South Lanarkshire in a safe and supportive environment. If you have any questions please contact Spaces are limited so please click on the link below to book your space.

Upcoming Online Free Parent Mental Health Workshops Delivered by SAMH

3/6/24             Mental Health Awareness                                            1pm-2.30pm

4/6/24             Managing My Wellbeing                                             10am-11.30am

5/6/24             Understanding and Managing Stress & Anxiety          6pm – 7.30pm

6/6/24             Listening to & Supporting My Child                         12pm – 1.30pm

10/6/24           Managing My Wellbeing                                              6pm – 7.30pm

11/6/24           Understanding and Managing Stress & Anxiety          1pm – 2.30pm

12/6/24           Listening to & Supporting My Child                           10am – 11.30am

Spaces are limited so please click on the following link to secure your space.

SAMH Let’s Connect – team Clydesdale

SAMH Parent Workshop at Underbank Primary School

Re-Scheduled SAMH Parent Workshop
Heather McCartney from SAMH, has now re-scheduled the workshop called Listening to and Supporting My Child, for the parents.
She will deliver the workshop at Underbank on 18th April from 9am – 10.30am.
This workshop has been specifically developed to provide parents and carers with the knowledge and skills to have mental health conversations with their child.
It explores the different stresses that children and young people experience in their lives, which can impact on their mental health and wellbeing.
The workshop helps parents and carers learn how to start conversations (finding the right time, place and way to communicate) and how to support their child even when do they do not want to talk about how they are feeling.
If you would like to attend the workshop then please respond to this email by Monday 18th March.

Cost of Living Support

‘Cost of Living support for Families – Immediate help’

South Lanarkshire Council have Family Wellbeing Advisers to support families with school age children.

The Advisers can help in many ways and can provide advice and assistance on –

Energy costs, including top up vouchers for those on pre-payment meters.

Accessing emergency cash support where you meet the eligibility criteria.

Specialist energy advice and advocacy services.

Foodbank referrals.

Advice re problem debts and arrears.

Checking re possible additional benefits you may be entitled to.

Contact the Family Wellbeing Advisers for the Clydesdale Area by email –