Grey trousers/skirt/pinafore
White shirt/blouse with school tie or blue/white school polo shirt
Grey jumper or cardigan/ blue school jumper/cardigan/sweatshirt
Fleece/rain jackets are also available.

For P.E.
Shorts and polo shirt or school gym t-shirt
Gym shoes/trainers (These should remain in school)
Trainers worn outside should not be worn for PE as this could prove to be a danger.
Please note that jewellery should be removed before PE sessions and active lunch and after school clubs.

Art and Craft
Art and craft activities can involve the use of paint, glue or other messy materials so some sort of overall/old shirt or t-shirt for use in school is advisable. This can be sent into school and will remain in the class painting shirts box.
Please put children’s names on all clothing, shoes etc.

A Lost Property box is situated in the school office and parents are invited to retrieve
jumpers etc when visiting the school.