New School

Our Welcome to Underbank Primary School Tour

Please take a tour around our new school.
Click here to see our tour.

New School Plans

Click here to see the Block Plan for our new school. These show the exterior layout of the school and its grounds.

Click here to see the Ground Floor Plan for our new school. These show the interior layout of the school.

Flood Risk Assessment

Click below for a pdf copy of the Flood Risk Assessment carried out for the proposed new school site.

Underbank Flood Risk assessment

New School Proposal

The consultation period for our new school started on Monday 1st Dec 2014.  The proposal documents for parents have been issued (1 per family).

The document can also be accessed on the Council’s website, is available from the school and a copy will be available to view in each library and Q&A.

Copies can also be requested from Education Resources on 01698 452129.

The consultation period will run Monday 1st December 2014 until Friday 23rd January 2015.

A Public Meeting was held at Underbank Primary School on Tuesday 6th January 2015, 6pm-7pm.