Making Rights Real/Fairtrade Committee

Making Rights Real

The Making Rights Real Committee is made up of pupils from Primary 1 to 7. Our aim is to make sure every child in our school learns about their rights and other peoples’ rights.

We have created a display in the school hall that reminds everybody of all the Articles of the UNCRC. We have also created ‘Rights Stars’ that are displayed around the school. These remind us of the Rights we have and the UNCRC Articles they relate to.

Every class in our school has a Class Charter that reminds us of the rights we have in class and of the responsible behaviour we need to show in order so that everybody’s rights are respected.

We also have a Playground Charter which helps us know how we can show responsible behaviour when we are outside and an ICT suite charter which reminds us how we can be responsible when working in there.

Playground Charter

ICT Suite Charter

We are now working on linking our rights to our Interdisplinary Topics.


Our work is based on UNCRC Article  42

“We have the right to know our rights! Adults should know about these rights and help us learn about them, too.