Inclusion Committee

Inclusion Committee

“We Value and Promote Diversity and Inclusion”

The committee is strongly committed to ensuring all staff, parents and pupils feel included and believe that this is a human right. The committee’s aim is to embrace all people irrespective of their age, race, ability, gender, disability, medical or other need. To do this, they research different needs to ensure our school community is informed. The committee raise awareness of these across our school via social media, via assembly and via displays..

The committee consider all the ways in which we can ensure those in our school community can feel truly welcomed, valued and respected – regardless of any differences or barriers.

This committee aim to ensure our school community are well informed. The committee’s hope is that we can get rid of discrimination and intolerance. The committee have raised awareness of many conditions and differences so far, including Down’s Syndrome, ASD, ADHD and Dyslexia.

ARTICLE 23: (disabled children) Disabled children have the right to enjoy a full life, with dignity, and to participate as far as possible in their community. The government should support disabled children and their families.

ARTICLE 29: (education and children’s development) Education should help develop every child’s personality, talents and mental, social and physical abilities to the full.

It should develop children’s respect for their own rights and those of others, for their parents, for their own culture and the cultures of others, and for the natural environment.