Enterprise/Charities Committee

Charities and Enterprise Committee

Our Charities and Enterprise Committee aim is to support our school community, local and national charities.

Their committee’s work involves researching charities and their roles, then deciding how they can impact positively on their chosen charities. This may be by sharing information or by physically supporting the organisation.

Our aim is that committee members develop the qualities of a responsible citizen and feel confident to share their own ideas and opinions. We strive for committee members to display empathy and understanding through the work of helping others.

The committee have supported our local foodbank through raising awareness of the work they do and through food donations from members and the wider school community.

The committee chose to make small cards and posters for those who attend a village group called The Christian Outreach Group. This was to re-connect with the group after Covid and to nurture our links with the local community. This group meet monthly to ensure villagers feel connected. Those attending welcomed the artwork and messages from the children.

Our work is based on Article 26

“We have the right to help…if you are poor or in need.”