Free Online Workshops

Please find below details of our upcoming free online parent and carer Mental Health workshops. Each workshop provides you with the skills and knowledge required to support not only support your child’s mental health but also your own, which is particularly important when looking after others. This is your chance to connect with other parents across South Lanarkshire in a safe and supportive environment. If you have any questions please contact Spaces are limited so please click on the link below to book your space.

Upcoming Online Free Parent Mental Health Workshops Delivered by SAMH

22/04/2024  Understanding & Managing Stress & Anxiety         1.00pm

23/04/2024   Mental Health Awareness                                    10.00am

24/04/2024   Managing My Wellbeing                                        1.00pm

25/04/2024   Listening to & Supporting My Child                       6.00pm

30/04/2024   Managing My Wellbeing                                      12.00pm

01/05/2024    Listening to & Supporting My Child                      1.00pm

02/05/2024   Understanding & Managing Stress & Anxiety     10.00am

02/05/2024   Mental Health Awareness                                     6.00pm

Spaces are limited so please click on the following link to secure your space now.

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